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Range Working Bee 2022

  • 09/07/2022
  • 8:45 AM


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9th July | 8:45am Gate Entry
Earn points towards 2022 AGM Member Prize

WHERE: NZDA Auckland branch range, Matariki Forest, Riverhead.

This working bee aims to:

  • Mow all grass areas.
  • Trim shrubbery around 100mtr mound and side of 100/200mtr range
  • Fix stairs/rails to toilets
  • 3m3 of sand for 200mtr mound. (place and level) corrie to get sand delivered on the day.
  • Clean gutters/downpipes
  • Ensure all notices/rules and information is up, readable, good condition
  • Start to remove surplus items/rubbish by containers (need big skip)
  • Lay new plastic path mats by 50mtr and next to shot throwers (if enough add to boggy areasof path).
  • Add more shelves to container for storage of targets etc
  • Erect/repair/make new target frames, staple on new flute board. (corrie to get 20 base frames for 100mtr and 10 for 50mtr made to bring on the day, “new”design not 150mm wide boards).
  • Add drain line to outdoor sink
  • Repaint numbers on 50mtr rail and 100mtr board (red/orange so better visible from mound). Corrie has stencils made plus some in container.
  • Fix backs on sitting benches 100mtr
  • Weed spray edges of range. 
The following is needed:

Tools needed on the day:

  • General carpentry tools
  • Ride on mower (Mark Allmon?)
  • 2-3 brush trimmers
  • Wheelbarrows/couple of shovels for sand to 200mtr
  • Sledgehammer (posts for perimeter signs)
  • 9mtr skip (callum indicated he can organize)
  • 10-15 pairs of helping hands!!! Some general handyman skills useful
  • 1 chainsaw + safety equipment (corrie)
  • Battery drills and staplers (coreflute to frames)
  • Couple of backpack sprayers (corrie has one)

Attendees will earn 3x points towards this next years membership giveaway, drawn at our 2022 August Club Night/AGM

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