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Auckland Branch has an impressive collection of trophies, many dating from the early days of the branch. Every year they are competed for, with all of our big game animals having their respective trophies, as well as a number of trophies awarded for skins,  junior competitors, roaring comp and more.

The annual Measure Night is where our members entries are scored, the roaring competition takes place, and the various trophy winners determined.

Antler Horn & Tusk CUPS


Best Red Head

Tisdall Cup

Best North Island Red


Most Symmetrical Red Head

Boyd Meyer Memorial Trophy

Best South Island Red Head

Bush Hunters Trophy - Darrell Wong

Best Sika Head

Burns Brassel Trophy

Best Whitetail Head

Mrs Hayes Trophy

Best Fallow Head

Sportsway Shield

Horn & Tusk

Best Tahr Head

Glen McGregor Cup

Best Chamois Head

Gary Paykel Trophy

Best Pig Tusk (drawn)

Frank Brycko Trophy

Best Sheep Head

Auckland Branch Cup

Best Goat Head

D.Semmens Trophy


Best Head of any Species

Bob Hayes cup

Best Heads of any 2 Different Species

Top Gun Trophy

Best Head of a 1st Year Deerstalker

Mrs Welch Trophy

Best Head of Any Species Taken by a Lady Member

Auckland Branch Trophy

Best Head of Any Species taken on a Branch Party Hunt

D.Welch Trophy

Highest Aggregate Score

Frank Brycko Memorial Trophy


Best Deer Skin

G.May Trophy

Best Non Deer Skin

Noble Trophy


Provider of the Most Game Meat for Branch Function

Branch Trophy

Roaring Competition

J.Dillion Shield

Best Head taken with a muzzleloader

Wright Whittaker Cup


Best Head of Any Species Taken by a Hunter aged 16-21yrs

A.Gregory Trophy

Best Head of Any Species Taken by a hunter 16yrs or younger

Mark Allmon Youth Cup

Goat with the Largest Spread Taken by a Hunter Under 20yrs

A.Stewart Memorial Shield

competition rules and regulations

The following are the Rules, Regulations and Authorities for all Competitions conducted by the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Incorporated. The Rules will remain in force until amended by the Branch Executive Committee and any alterations will be announced.


  1. All Competitions shall be under the direction of the Branch Executive Committee under whose auspices the Competitions are being held. All matters shall be subject to their approval and all doubts, questions and disputes, which may arise, shall be subject to their decision.

  2. The decisions of the Branch Committee shall be based upon the rules so far as they apply but as no set of rules can be devised capable of meeting every Incident, or accident, the Branch Committee shall keep in view the ordinary custom of sportsmanship and discourage all attempts to win a Competition by any means other than fair play and skill.

  3. The Branch Committee may delegate any Authority or Authorities given to it under Rules 1 and 2, to a person or persons whose decision shall be final (provided that where judging is done by three judges appointed by the Committee, the decision of any two of the three judges shall be accepted.

Measuring Night

To be eligible to compete for antler, horn, tusks and skin competitions the following must be understood.

  1. All sections shall be open to financial members only, i.e. Members must be financial before the date of the competition and when the trophy was taken.

  2. All trophy entries must have been obtained after the previous measure night and prior to the day of measuring night.

  3. The entrant must have killed the trophy entered.

  4. All entries to be presented in a clean state and be free of any decaying matter.

  5. All Antlered and Horned game trophies must be attached to its original full skull and be in a natural condition. No unnatural substances to be applied or added.

  6. All pig tusks must be with their original bottom jaw.

  7. A completed entry form supplied by the branch must accompany all entries.

  8. A competitor may enter more than one trophy in any section.

  9. All entries shall be judged on the “Douglas Score System”.

  10. Should the entrant consider their entry is of a ranking to be considered for entry into the National competition, the branch secretary shall be responsible to enter the trophy on their behalf.

  11. The judges shall decide any questionable points in accordance with the scoring rules and their decision shall be final.

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We meet every second Tuesday of the month.


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