The New Zealand Deerstalkers Auckland branch is a city-based hunting club. The NZDA exists to represent hunters and protect hunting for future generations in New Zealand.


We run party hunts at least once per month. Normally in the shape of

 Road-end, Walk-in or Fly-in. Rain, hail or shine a group of members will drag themselves into the hills in search of (primarily) deer. The type of hunts vary, catering for all budgets and levels of experience.

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Our club hosts various annual competitions, which are available to members;

  • Antler Horn & Tusk
  • Photographic

  • Shooting

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Hunter Training

The hunter training course covers the basic skills required to hunt safely and responsibly. It follows a standard syllabus and includes a number of hands on activities, finishing with a deerstalking trip.


Upcoming events

Auckland Branch of the NZDA

The Auckland branch of New Zealand Deerstalkers'
exists to promote safe and enjoyable hunting
the sport of shooting and related activities.

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